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MICESOURCINGCloud solution for the entire supply chain

MICE purchasing 2020

It is not easy to deal constructively with ambitious savings targets, but smart and more solutions give you flexibility, always thinking one step ahead. MICESOURCING is specially designed for companies that manage a variety of events themselves. MICESOURCING is tailored to you specifically and implemented as a tool in your company for specialist departments. You can consolidate all procurement processes for event services in a single cloud. With MICESOURCING, you can permanently reduce costs, create the necessary transparency, integrate the latest industry information in the procurement process and much more. We’ll be happy to advise you. Apply here for a free consultation!

Supply chain management

Manual routes, the related errors in the process and a lack of transparency in the tracking of orders are all things of the past. With MICESOURCING, you can complete complex procurement processes within a simple solution. All the necessary steps, including renegotiations, orders and cancellations, are documented by the tool, guaranteeing secure and transparent reporting – together with full integration into your SAP system. MICESOURCING captures your supplier metrics up to quality parameters that are important for your procurement.


MICESOURCING is a product of our sister company MICECLOUD Solutions GmbH, which specialises in cloud software solutions for self-users. MICESOURCING features a modular design and is tailored to your needs. Suppliers and users are imported automatically and saved with appropriate rights management. With MICESOURCING, you have easy access to cost centres, nominal accounts and creditors in order to avoid maverick buying. Filters and search functions make it easier to create the reports you want and to analyse distinctive and complex content. Authorisation concepts, substitute arrangement and a multilingual approach, as well as presentation in different currencies, facilitate the international exchange of information and MORE…