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Quality & process management –
Seal of approval and succes factor


Transparent and networked project management forms the basis of our business model. Our entire work process is subject to constant changes and modifications, with the aim of implementing the best-possible resource-saving processes. All procedures are set out in writing and are based on a high quality standard. We ensure low frictional losses through detailed process documentation, broken down into individual customer profiles.

We take care of you

Depending on the nature and scope of the project requirements, there are always at least two permanent team members in a project team. One staff member has the primary responsibility, leads the project and is the direct contact person for our customers. Another team member is always a back-up, so that a holiday period or downtime can be covered immediately. All project progress is recorded continuously in digital form.


Historically, our company has emerged from a major corporation. The foundations of our present form were laid on quality and audits in 2000. All sorts of transactions are analysed and documented. Risk areas in particular are located and behavioural guidelines are defined. At project level, even the most complex issues are detected quickly and clearly. Sophisticated business processes create a level of transparency and control functions and support the department to meet the expected response times on behalf of our customers.