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Reports –
the heart of business decisions


To make the right business and project-related decisions, we support our customers with appropriate reports. The definition of key figures is determined individually with the customer. The basis for this is usually a sales and earnings preview (plan/actual value) at the project level, individually controlled reports on a customer’s internal procurement indicators (PO/Banff), achiever evaluations, event evaluation, business units reports, etc.


Benchmarking is a successful method for implementing ideal solutions. The implementation of benchmarking is based on the orientation of the top of a comparable group. This procedure is called “best practice”. We support our customers in the business unit smartconsultant in order to find the best solution. Our key figures, market analyses and reports from our core business form the basis for this.


During first contact with our customers we frequently receive the information that no meaningful reports and analysis are available because most systems don’t provide it. All the following conversations are then based on “assumptions” and “feelings”. Once we have the corresponding content of the customer, we are able to rapidly create reports using our databases, which facilitate long-term, well-founded planning for our customers.