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smartincentives –
plenty of creative freedom!


Rewards are rewarding

Inspire people, celebrate and reward past achievements, providing fresh impetus, linking information with motivation… Regardless of whether you want an incentive programme to increase customer acquisition, to improve your service or to reward individual employees. We will help you to develop a creative program so that the “gift” is an investment your own customer and employee potential that pays for itself many times over.



Experience something special

There is no better way to establish connections between people than the adrenaline rush and experience of a unique adventure. We develop creative and dialogue-oriented event formats that allow you to activate, amaze and delight the participants. Our incentive programmes are planned perfectly in every detail to guarantee you the maximum benefits with unique experiences. Our goal is to demonstrate appreciation in a unique and individual way.




We take care of the creative concept for the reward model based on your objectives and requirements, the project coordination and monitoring of dramaturgy and overall presentation, the management of participants and travel, the service, professional advice during the project phases, budget monitoring, event branding, supervision and coordination of all service providers, pre- and post marketing, invoicing, follow-up and performance measurement.