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Supply Chain Managementalways one step ahead

SCM by smart

Due to a tendency to focus on core competencies, sharp global competition and high customer expectations, supplier selection and relationships are placed at the centre of managerial decisions. As part of our strategic purchasing, we make a selection of suppliers for our customers who need to go through certain parameters. Superficially, we examine the performance quality of service or product as well as other key figures, such as business management and core competencies e.g. pharma code or German Business Travel Association, etc. This results in an annually renegotiated framework of listed contractors. SCM is deeply entwined in our strategic, tactical and operational phases of the project.


The ultimate goal of supply chain management (SCM) is the efficiency of our supply chain optimisation. An internal software that captures all supplier-related data and therefore provides very important information to the whole project team is at the heart of our SCM. The supplier profile includes not only traditional supplier’s conditions but also evaluations of individual projects, response times, price developments, service quality, etc. The accumulated expertise from all projects is centrally documented and provides a high level of added value in individual project consultation for our customers.


We maintain strong communication and cooperation with selected partners. The sustainable approach of partnership reveals that more is possible than in conventional ways. To ensure the implementation and the success of a sustainable system within the supply chain, continuous and careful monitoring of compliance with sustainable agreements is required. For example, individual controls permit evaluation reports or other forms of performance monitoring, assessments of the sustainable performance of the supply chain. Changes and product information are continuously collected and updated. Our supplier strategy pays off, especially with regard to critical issues and topics.